Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bath towel letters

I am a little obsessed with using letters at my house. I love to put our names, initials and monograms on everything! I want to know what belongs to who and everything needs a place to be for each person in our house. I wanted Callie and Kellen to each have their own hooks in the bathroom, as the over the door hanger was starting to make dents in the wood because it was too heavy.

So I ventured to Hobby Lobby, they feed my addiction to the monogram, and found a cute "C" and a "K" for the kiddos. The I visited the scrap book paper aisle and choose some paper that would match the black, ivory and brown that I have going on in the kids bathroom. I tend to use scrap book paper on pretty much anything, except scrap books (not sure why).

I traced my letters on the scrap book paper and carefully cut them out. The I used matte modge podge to "glue" the paper on to the letter using a sponge brush. This really could not be easier!
 Once everything was dry I had my amazingly handy husband hang the letters along with some hooks that I found at Target. Now each kid knows where their junk goes!

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