Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Above the cabinet mystery space

I have this funky kitchen... I love the space and the high ceilings but because it is SO vast, I was (and still am little) really struggling to find something I love, to fill it. You see, I have this philosophy that if I am going to display it in my home, I have to really love it. Which means that sometimes the stores and/or my budget just don't afford me the opportunities to decorate how I truly wish I could. For example, I have been needing curtains for my family room for about 2 years now. Just THIS weekend, I found the perfect curtains at the perfect price. (If you are wondering they look like this...and they were on clearance for $20 a panel) 

So back to my cabinet dilemma, I think I have found some things I like... Before there was nothing, then there were these wimpy picture frames and now I have something that I love.

The lanterns I found in my parents basement. They were brass. I fixed that real quick, with a can of red spray paint. The buckets were a bargain from Wal-mart (I never shop there) and they are actually pretty nice for storage. I had some chalk board labels left over from another project, so I slapped those on too. The subway art is from Hobby Lobby (on sale 50% off) It's kind of near and dear to me because it was the first prayer that Callie ever learned when she was little and she has said it almost every night since she was like 2. So I HAD to buy it.

So there you have it. It hasn't turned out exactly as I expected but, so far I am liking it!

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