Sunday, March 16, 2014

Leprechaun trail mix (for catchin' leprechauns)

We have really been getting to St. Patrick's day over the past few years. I mean come on... My husband's family is the O'Brien's. This weekend we needed a sweet treat for brunch with the O'Brien gang. Leprechaun trail mix was just the thing!

You need:
1 box of Lucky Charms
1 box of rice chex
1 brick of almond bark

First measure out 6 cups of Lucky Charms then I spread it out on a pan and my handy helper picked out all the mallows.

Then, I mixed the left over cereal with 4 cups of chex in a big ol' bowl.
Next, I melted the almond bark according to the package. Once it was all melty and yummy, we mixed in a little bit of green food coloring.
Then, pour the bark over the cereal and mix to coat evenly.
We spread out the mixture on wax paper and doused it in sprinkles, then left it to cool and harden.

Last, after the mixture has hardened, break it up and toss it in a large bowl with the lucky charms marshmallows.

We will see if we catch any leprechauns tomorrow!!

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