Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thrifty finds this month!

 This month I took my sister in law thrifting. Normally when I go, Callie and I browse for HOURS. But  Jenn had some where to be so we only had like 30 minutes. I think it made the trip better because I was hyper focused on finding some cute stuff and getting out of there. 

Here was my haul this time:

Target lace top

Polka dot dress

 Target sheer bird top (worn here )

Black pinstripe Express pants

Pink Adidas jacket for Callie

Another closet addition this month was a beautiful dress from Ross that I wore to Callie's Auntie Mack's wedding, but I could NOT for the life of me find it ANYWHERE. How did it just disappear?? I wish I had a picture, too bad...

ankle strap flats from Ross ($10)

                                                            Skinny olive pants (from walmart $12)
Hot orange tunic  (also from walmart $12)



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