Thursday, March 27, 2014

San Diego (part 3)

 So the reception, all Callie wanted to was dance the night away! I really liked how they structured and scheduled everything. Something that our wedding was lacking; order.

I don't know how anyone did anything before pinterest, seriously. How did I plan a wedding, get ready for my first baby, decorate my home and cook dinner before pinterest??

Kellen and I at cocktail hour

I digress...I say all of this because Vivian told me a majority of the reception ideas came from pintrest.

Anywho, we had snacky treats, while we waited for everyone to finish up pictures. We signed their picture book and frame. The newly weds made their grand entrance, they danced, the kids danced, we all danced.
The beautiful newly weds

They also had a photo booth with fun props set up, a candy table (yum!) We had an amazing 3 course dinner, toasts, etc.
photo booth fun

We danced some more. We had cake. Danced, it was all around a pretty raucous evening!

At about 10, we sent Mack and Justin to their room across the resort. Justin's friends filled his corvette with balloons, silly string and really just made a mess of it! That was our cue to get our old married selves and our babies to bed at a reasonable hour.

Sunday was our last day in sunny California. Our flight did not leave until super late that evening so we had some time to kill. First we had to pack up and get checked out. Then return the rental car.  We spent the afternoon with Callie's Meme and Daddy Ty at the harbor.

We wandered around where the big ships are, took pictures.


Ate lunch.

Rode the carousel.

Climbed trees.

And enjoyed our last precious hours on the West coast!

After the Harbor we still had time to wait. So Callie swam and we all shivered and watched her. A cold wind had picked up, but she didn't seem to mind. Then we went to the park on the beach, Callie played some more and looked for shells to bring back to her school friends at home.

 It was time to head to the airport. We had another smooth trip through security and into the terminal. Before I knew it, we were in the air back to freezing Colorado. Kellen was not quite so amazing on the plane, a little fussy, but we were ready with lots of toys and bottles. We finally made it home!

Brien and I recapped our trip when we got home. We always do that. We also always say that we need to get away more often... Hmmmm, maybe next year...

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