Thursday, October 16, 2014

4 years!

4 years ago today, Miss Callie and I, started our amazing lives being Brien's girls.

The months and weeks leading up to our big day were a blllluuurrr. I wish that I would have kept better track of all the things that we did and the planning process, but the truth is I didn't have time. I was furiously working on my masters. I was leading the 6th grade literacy team. Leading my grade level content team and I had 3 year old. Life was CRAZY!

Our wedding was homemade and it was just perfect. We had gotten engaged in July and wanted to get married in the fall, sooo we planned an October wedding with a fall break honeymoon. It was amazing!

When I say homemade wedding, I mean that we did everything, EVERYTHING our selves! And by ourselves, I mean our families! It was super low cost, which was great and it was all about everything that is dear to us, our families and friends. We thought it would be pretty small like 50 people. But, Brien has a rather large family, who are very good at planning for big events, so it became an event for about 100!
We had the ceremony on Brien's parents front yard and reception in the garage, believe it or not, it was gorgeous! Hobby Lobby was my very best friend for all things wedding. One of the Wood's family friends did all the setting up and decorating using what we had gotten from the hob lob.

We did all of the flowers our selves. 200 pink daisies ordered online for $200 and really simple pretty center pieces that we also done by our lovely decorators!

The weekend before the wedding my mom, Brien's mom and My sister in law and I went to get all of the food, which we also made our selves. Thanks to Phanneth we had the menu and grocery list all planned out and ready to go. This was by far our biggest expense, we had a lot of hungry people to feed and the Wood's apparently don't let people go hungry!

The day before the wedding, so much prep! My best friend had flown in the night before to help with everything. I am so glad she was there to stand up with me as my matron of honor!

We hadn't planned on having a cake, so everyone in our families made a dozen of their favorite cupcakes and we frosted them all the same the day of the wedding. Brien's youngest brother Zack surprised us with a cake to cut. It was so sweet and so delicious!    



                      It was truly the best day ever! I will never forget the day we became a family!

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