Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans

Every year we have a family tradition of going to the pumpkin patch! There is one by our house and we usually go there early in the fall. They have lots of fun activities for the kids, games, haunted hayride, face painting,snacks etc, but it has become more and more crowded. This year we ventured way out to the country for the pumpkin patch adventure! Apparently there was a better one out in the country and  our sweet friends live in Strasburg, about an hour from our house. We went to their house and while the boys practiced "field maneuvers"(a fancy of way of saying nerds with guns) Me and Adriane packed up the kids and hit the May Farms pumpkin patch.

It was so pretty outside! I am glad I dressed for a warm day! It was funny to see"city folks" in their boots, sweaters and scarves, looking all sweaty, dragging along, hot children, equally overdressed!

We started our adventure playing on some dangerous looking balance beam and giant tires!

We also tried to take one of these pictures. If you look close, Callie is hanging on for dear life to the top and Kaden is crouched at the bottom very sadly, because he couldn't reach. I think this was meant for tall children!

Next we headed to the never ending corn maze. It seriously took like 30 minutes of wandering and then we finally cheated and snuck out the side and pretended like it was the real end! The kids were proud of themselves for getting through it, I was proud of us for not losing our minds!
Then it was off the to the train and the punkin' chunker! All three kiddos were an excellent shot!

While the big kids played, Kellen tried to lift up pumpkins! It was quiet entertaining!

Silly (drooly) baby!  Still no shoes for this boy!

Finally it was time for the hayride and pumpkin picking. This was very much a struggle for several reasons. I had to wrestle Kellen the whole time to sit still on the tractor and it was stinky! It kept stopping to pick up and drop off  fellow pumpkin patch goers, so we were stuck waiting for awhile!


Once we had arrived, we thought it would be no big deal to carry four kids and 6 pumpkins, all the way up the hill back to the stroller. Also in the pumpkin you actually have to "pick" your pumpkin. A guy would come by with snippers and cut it straight from the vine. Thankfully my children chose wisely and quickly! Another obstacle was the horrible sticker weeds!
We all survived and headed home with 4 exhausted children, a bunch of pumpkins and day full of fun memories! Also we were very happy to pass them off to their fathers! Another successful pumpkin patch done!


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