Thursday, October 9, 2014

All Things Fall!

This weekend, after our mountain get-a-way, Callie pointed out that it was October and we had not gotten out our fall things! I love fall in general for many reasons, but I love a good chance to decorate! I love fall smells and crafts, boots, getting out all of our cold weather clothes, pumpkins, cider, the pumpkin patch, playing in the leaves, "fall" cleaning to get the house winter ready. The list goes on and on, more about those things to come!

So, we busted out our box of fall decorations. Last year, I went through everything and got rid of tons of stuff so my options seemed sparse. Never fear, I will take this as an opportunity to get more fall things!

We always have a few random pumpkins, strewn around the house. They are all real. I am thinking about investing in some fake ones. You see, last year as I was putting away all of our fall things, I accidentally put away a real pumpkin with our fall decorations. We have a few white pumpkins that my mother in law had given us a few years back, I reached into the bucket and pulled out a white pumpkins and it turned to mush in my hands. EEEEEKKK! I freaked out, it may have possibly been the grossest thing that every happened to me! Truly, horrifying. This year I will be extra diligent to put away on the fake pumpkins.
Callie decorated the dining room table with her garland of leaved shoved into a vase, a leaf spoon rest and some of the pumpkins she harvested at the farm. She was pretty proud!
Another scene brought to you by my mini decorator. She used another leaf garland wrapped around a candle holder and she put on the fake white pumpkins.
I love me a fall wreath! I bought this a looonnnggg time ago on Target clearance!
Our front porch... A little plain, but I will vow to do better next year!

I made this little wreath last year with my mom and mother in law. They claim to not be creative, but they sure had some great crafty moments this day. We made a few of these with large grape vine wreaths from Hobby Lobby for like $10. We wrapped it with large weave burlap ribbon and hot glued it on. Then my lovely mother made the flowers by wrapping the burlap around itself and securing it with old buttons. I love how it turned out and I love the ladies that made it for me! I painted a "w" and it rests inside the wreath to complete the loveliness.

I made this little sign on my maternity leave last year. I used the same method from this post to make a fall sign for the armoire, along with more fun, fall, leaf garland.
A little fall flavor for my mornin' coffee! Whilst, I do like the pumpkin spice latte, I tried a salted carmel mocha last week and it was AH-mazing!
Last, but certainly not least, my fall scents! I love these wall flowers from Bath and Body Works,  leaves, cinnamon pumpkin and caramel pumpkin, they just make the house smell warm and cozy! 

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