Monday, October 27, 2014


We are on fall break this week, so you think it would be quiet, but no, it's not! So far we have spent a fortune on hunting stuff for Brien on Saturday at Cabela's. He is leaving us to go elk hunting with his brother and some friends for 6. Whole. Days. That's a loonngg time!

 Sunday we spend the day at Brien's parents celebrating his youngest brother's birthday. The weather was amazing and the kiddos played and played!

 Today started out lovely and sunny, a little on the chilly side. We took a long walk this morning while the carpets were being cleaned and when we got back it started to rain. Seriously. I was having my carpet cleaned because of the muddy dog and now they are all fresh and in terrible danger of being messy again. Boo!

The other day I was dropping Callie off at a girl scout party when we noticed the moon. It was one of the crazy harvest moons. So big and pretty in the sky and I got reminiscing. When I was pregnant with Callie, I remember a big harvest moon shining through my windows every night. Since sleep eluded me, I would stare at the huge bright moon and dream of all the things my baby girl would be. They were good nights.
Then I got to reminiscing again, today. It was all rainy and chilly outside and I was thinking about fall break the first year we moved back to Colorado. On the first day of break there was a huge snowstorm and my little Civic would just not drive! I panicked and called my brother, the car guy, and he took me to immediately invest in "real" tires. Nonetheless, even with a car that could drive Callie and I spent most of the rest of the break playing in the snow and drinking hot cocoa.
We sure had fun! I cannot wait to see how this break turns out. Hopefully full of memories per usual!

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