Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Winterpark 2014

For the past 3 years, Brien's family has rented a timeshare condo in Winter Park around the end of September/beginning of October. It is a blast! The weather is usually beautiful (last year was a little chilly as it snowed a little while we were there) we get to see the fall colors, the kids get to have adventures in the woods, we take family pictures, we get to enjoy each other and be refreshed from the crazy back to school rush, before it gets really cold and yucky.

This year was no exception! We got off to a rough start on our adventure...The night before my phone broke. Stopped working, totally. The next morning we got up early-ish, packed up the car, the kids, grabbed a Starbucks and headed for the hills. We had to make a pit stop at the AT&T store and get new phones and we were back on track. (It's amazing to me how much we use our phones for everything, random sidebar)

The drive to WP is my favorite. I love the mountains and I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place. I wish we utilized having the mountains so close us more often. I think I am going to resolve to get up there at least once a month when the kiddos are little bit bigger!
We had to take a little break on the hill going up to get rid of a little car sick issues! Dramamine saved our lives!
Once we finally arrived the kids played and played  and we went on so many adventures in the woods. These children, I tell you, they wear me out! They were hiking, climbing, running, jumping, the works!!

The trains were loud, but pretty amazing to see whipping by so close!

On Saturday we hit the park, the woods, and another park we discovered. The weather was perfect, just a little fall chill, the sun was bright. It was magical!
These cousins never ran out of steam!

Even Kellen would not be restrained by his stroller and had to get out and explore!

Picking flowers, pretty sure you are not supposed to do this! But I got some sweet bouquets from my precious nephews!

This was our resting/snack spot in the woods, I took a little photo op!

The Winter Park moose! He was HUGE!

"What a glorious day to play in the mountains!" Callie said, love that girl!
Later that evening we had a little family picture action, thanks to my lovely mother in law. I need to get some real family photos made by a professional with all of us!
My favorite picture!

These boys are gorgeous!

Playing in the leaves.

Aaannnddd one with my love!
After an exhausting day, we ventured to town and had a nice family dinner. Everyone behaved, and by everyone, I mean Kellen. We headed back to the condo for a swim and then watched a movie. We had the pleasure of watching the Lego Movie, not once, but twice, while we were there. That was two times too many in my book. Everything is not awesome when you have to watch that back to back!

Sunday came too soon! We lazed around and enjoyed breakfast coffee and watching the kiddos play! Then it was back home to real life. I miss the mountains, already!
It was truly a much needed gift, to be able to get away with the family and rest up for the coming crazy weeks. I heart Winter Park weekend!

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