Sunday, November 30, 2014


It has been a week! Oh my... I was worried we would just be lying around the house in turkey coma for days, but hence, we managed to fill the WHOLE weekend!
After a lousy start to our loonngg weekend, I was so sick, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch!

Kellen allowed us to sleep in until 8, I know right?! We watched the Macy's parade. it was not great this year. I am disappointed that every time I stopped to watch it was Broadway people, just dancing. Even Callie who is an avid parade groupie, gave up on it and went to roller skate in the basement. Try harder next year Macy's, you are losing the Wood family viewership.

We headed over to my parents house and started the festivities early!
We had such a blast hanging out with the family and gorging ourselves with delicious treats and it was like 60 degrees, it doesn't get much better than that!
I like to start off the day by torturing my family with a barrage of pictures! They actually came out pretty well! If only we could get that boy to smile.
My pies were a hit! I was pleasantly surprised that they came out. I even got compliments from my grandpa, who is the spouse of the pie queen!

After food fest 2015, we went home to put up the Christmas tree and decorations. Well, that was another adventure with a 1 year old. I forgot how they like to destroy things...So on Friday we had a special Pinterest craft just for Kellen, more on that later.

We spent the rest of the night getting out all of our Christmas treasures, including our tacky white tree, more on all the decorating shenanigans later as well.
"Helping" with the tree

Kellen loved the lights on the tree, but was blinded by the flash, another crazy face picture.

This girl loves hanging up the ornaments, she did a wonderful job!

aannndd, we were finished and it was time to wrestle with daddy!
So the decorating is pretty much done, but now I just have to get started on my shopping, oy!

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