Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

I love the 4th of July! I think next to Christmas, it just might be my favorite holiday. Don't get me wrong I love summer, fire works and barbeques as much as the next girl, but the 4th of July is a pretty special day. It is the day I met Brien, 5 years ago.

I had just moved back from Texas after a year of ups and way downs, and was enjoying my new life at home, with my parents, in Colorado. Every Friday, Callie and I went to lunch with my mom. It was a good reason to wear out a very active 2 year old and visit with mama and her work friends. One of her cubemates, Adriane, asked me one day, "So, are you ready to be set up yet?" She was so excited I jumped on board. She was talking through my options, apparently her husband had a lot of single friends at the time. Finally, she decided that Brien and I would be a good fit, he was her husband's oldest childhood friend. They had known each other since they were 5. She explained that he had gotten out of a pretty bad relationship about the same time I had, and they were tired of seeing him so down.

She set everything up for the 4th of July, easy BBQ get together at their house, very casual, if we connected, great, if not, it would not be awkward. So I had a few weeks to think about this... I remember playing it all out in my head. Every night I would put Callie down at about 8, then I would run on the treadmill in my parents basement and look at all of my earthly possessions in boxes stacked on the pool table in front of the treadmill and wonder what was going to happen to us. I was so nervous about meeting this mystery man, who had his heart broken. It had been almost 6 years since I had dated, and I was freaked. One night it occurred to me, "What if he hates me?" and "What if this goes super bad?!"
Callie and I at my aunt's house, the day of the set up.

The big day arrived... I had a family get together earlier that day and then I would leave Callie with my parents and drive way across town to Adriane and Corey's house later that evening at like 6. My tummy was in knots all day! I made it through my family BBQ and then raced home to make dessert. I told Adriane about my famous dump cake. I threw it in the oven and hurried to get ready. While I was trying to decide what to wear, it started pouring rain.With my dessert still hot from the oven, I loaded my little Honda and got going. I was driving through a deluge of a storm and I was practically shaking I was so nervous. What if he didn't show? What if he thought my past was too much to put up with? What if he didn't like that I had a kid? I was freaking out!

I finally made it to their house and sat in my car and prayed before I went in. I was so thankful to see friendly faces and lots of them, it was just a big casual get together. Whew! When I was first introduced to Brien he was very cute, but super quiet. The rest of the evening it was kind of boys outside, girls inside. We never had much of a chance to talk. We had fun though and my face hurt from smiling and laughing. We ate, watched fireworks, Corey challenged me to games on the Wii. Brien was super sweet and had a great smile, but was a man of very few words. Finally people began dispersing and it was getting late. I had to get home a decent hour, because like it or not, there was going to be a 2 year old in my bed at 7 in the morning. I thanked Adriane for everything and started to head out the door. Brien jumped up and said he would walk me to my car. I was pleasantly surprised. I had had fun that night, but I was thinking he was just looking for a friend. When we got me to car, he asked me for my cell number and said he would call so we could get together the next week. I was looking forward to that call. As I drove home, Adriane texted me, after pumping poor Brien for information and she said he was definitely interested!

Later that week, we had our 12 hour date and the rest is history. So, there it is. The 4th of July, probably one of the best days on my life.

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