Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I wore Wednesday and thrifty finds last month

This week was a bit of a struggle clothes wise, because I now wish that I had more shorts in more colors, who knew?? I found a few pairs thrifting this month, but I think some more plain colors would be helpful.
Tank: Old Navy
Floral skirt: thrifted
sandals: Target
I wore this to ikea with the kiddos last week. That place is amazing. When I struck out on my own a few years ago in Texas, I wanted all new stuff that I picked out myself, that store was my very best friend. I had not been to Ikea since I went to the one in Dallas to refurnish, and it is still just as great. I came for Pillows and left with pillows, but I wanted to buy everything!! 

Shorts:?? The boys departments, somewhere in Texas
Flip flops: Target
I wore this to the reservoir this weekend over my bathing suit. I never made it to the actual water to enjoy, but I stayed comfy and relatively as cool as I could on a 90 degree day.

Top: Thrifted
Capris: Thrifted, Banana republic
Flip flops: Old Navy
I had plans to wear this outfit out for girls night last Wednesday, BUT... while running errands during the day, we made a pit stop at my parents to borrow some sewing stuff from my mom. When I went back out and loaded up the kids, my car wouldn't turn over. I loathe car problems! Thankfully my dad had ridden his motorcycle, so his truck was in the garage and we were able to get home. I just had the massive task of getting out of the garage with out hitting anything including my jeep! Everyone's cars survived and now I have the assurance of the most expensive battery known to man kind, thanks wonderful Husband of mine!

This month in the market of finding good cheap stuff, I won! I  think it's because I actually had time to shop, oh the joys of summer break!

Super awesome Rebok jogging stroller: Craigslist, $40

Target dress for Callie, new with tags!

Old Navy dress for Callie

American Eagle peasant top

Floral skirt: I don't know the brand

Leopard pencil skirt, Anne Taylor

Shorts, Kohls ??

Seersucker capris, Old Navy

Floral shorts, Target, new with tags!

Coral capri pants, Gap

I also scored all this loot for Kellen, 4 shirts/onesies and 4 pairs of shorts and new swimmy trunks!
It was a good month!

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