Friday, July 25, 2014

life lessons the water park

Last week, Callie and I decided that we wanted to go to the water park for our Friday field trip. I talked to some of my girlfriends from church and they recommended some places. I looked into it and decided that Pirates Cove would be our best bet. It is a little smaller and a little more affordable, so I started planning our adventure. My sister in law works from home as an accountant and she had Friday free and it was supposed to be hot, so she graciously joined us.

Life lesson #1 When you are out numbered... Bring a friend or family member with you! I was thinking this would be good because I don't mind keeping two children home with me during the day, but at a water park there is safety in numbers. Jenn planned on going on rides with Callie and I could keep Kellen busy, everybody wins.

Life Lesson #2 The early bird gets the worm. I thought I did my research by checking reviews about the Cove before we left that morning. All of the advice said get there early. The park opened up at 10, so we left at 9:30 and got there right after it opened and ba-bam three giant school buses showed up and unloaded like 10,562 children and it was "Good luck finding a spot." After a bit of searching and prayers we found some beach chairs at the end of a row and snagged them quick. We all got sunscreened and changed and were ready for action!

Life lesson #3 Swimmy diapers are useless...unless you are in the water. I had this brilliant idea that I would have everyone ready to go, so we could whip off our cover ups and get right to the pool. I put Kellen in his lil' swimmers diapers and put on his trunks before I strapped him in his car seat back at home. When I took him out to go swimming and he was already soaked. With pee. I had no idea that swimmy diapers don't work like real diapers, he and his car seat we absolutely dripping. With pee. I did what any good mom would do. I wiped him down with wipes got him a fresh diaper and set his stroller in the sun to dry. (I washed it immediately after we got home, don't worry) Kids. Are. Gross.

Life lesson #4 Read the fine print...or just grow tall children. We played at the splash pad for about 30 minutes and Kellen loved splashing and crawling in the shallow water. Then Callie decided that she wanted to explore, we headed down to the big pool with a diving board and slide. I floated the baby man in the water and Jenn got in line with Callie for the slides. They came back about 20 minutes later, looking super defeated. Apparently I missed it on the website when it said that you have to be 48 inches to ride the rides, slides and diving board. My 46 inch 7 year old was not happy. It was kind of funny because Jenn said, "Now I know how my parents felt when we couldn't get on a ride somewhere." Oh the injustice! Well I guess we know how to motivate someone to eat veggies instead of candy! Maybe next year, little girl...

Life lesson #5 Save money, bring a picnic. After the height debacle we decided to head back up to the splash pad again, but it was empty and the life guards were standing around fending off parents and children; see lesson 6. We decided that now would be a good time for a snack or lunch. We headed back to the chairs for lunch. The reviews said that food is super pricey so we opted for turkey sammiches and peanut butter filled pretzels, yum! After we were full and happy the splash pad had opened back up. I took squirmy Kellen to splash and Jenn and Callie headed to the lazy river. More fun was had.

Life lesson #6 Go to the bathroom...before you leave home. Remember back when I said that the splash pool closed down and the life guards we guarding, well, I overheard someone saying that a kid had an accident in the pool. They got out the nets, the chlorine and kept the people away. Why, oh why do kids do that?? Poop in the pool. Go before you leave home people. Kids. Are. Gross.

Life Lesson #7 Check the weather report... before you leave home. After the poop fiasco, the height fiasco and all the other shenanigans, we were finally having a great time...When the wind kicked up and the sky turned grey. No storms, but it was cool and yucky. So we decided to take the blue lipped children and dry them off and head home. Bummer.

So overall it was a crazy day, the kids had fun and things were learned, so I guess that's what matters!

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