Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kellen is 10 months old!

This month has been wild crazy with you Mr. Wood! You are a mess! It seems like I finally get used to you being one way and the next day you are totally different, stop growing, please. You are my happy man, still always smiling and laughing, especially with strangers. You are a total flirt. I mean, look at you, big goofy smile, sweet brown eyes, pink chubby cheeks, what's not to love?? And you learned to wave at people, you are the ultimate friendly baby. We have been working on blowing kisses but mostly you just end up licking your hand!
You have so many silly faces and giggles and noises. You have said da-da a few times, but it's hard to tell if you are actually saying it or just babbeling. 
You have slowed down on your eating (a little) I think it's because you are into everything and are more tired than hungry sometimes. We have stalled out at 24 lbs this month.
This month you are flying through the house at full speed, into stuff and onto stuff, I can hardly keep up with you! You creep along the edge of anything that you can pull up on, I think walking is in the cards and soon!
The stairs are still fun, but you are figuring out how to climb them, yikes!!
Uh-oh, time to for childproof cabinets thingies!
You love to play with your toys! If it rolls or is a ball, it's in your hands. One day you snagged a cat toy off the shelf at the dollar store and I had to buy it because it kept you so busy!
You love to play with Callie, there is something about you two that makes my heart melt! She is the only one who seems to keep you happy when you are upset!
You don't know how to be still! When I try to rock you, you roll away out of my arms or try to hang over the side! You have almost out grown your swing, one morning I found you hanging upside down trying to get out of the buckles! Changing your diaper has become quite the feat, as you do a crocodile death roll as soon as you hit the changing table.
This month your photo bomb faces have reached to hilarious heights, will you ever take a smiley picture without being bribed? Who knows?!

I am so sad that this month is almost over and I have just a few days to spend with you and Callie. But, for now, I will cherish every snuggle and hold you until you claw at me to put you down, because I know that next month you will be a whole new adventure!

Loves: Callie, cars and balls, eating, books, Jake, getting into stuff, splashing in any kind of water, singing and music!

Not a fan of: Teething, being alone in a room, sitting still.
Firsts: Time at the lake, 4th of July, fireworks show, time waving, trip to the water park, walking along the furniture, time climbing stairs.

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