Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morning walks...

Every morning Callie, Kellen and I go for a stroll around the neighborhood. Sometimes Callie rides her bike and I run. Sometimes we walk and talk and make crazy plans for our world shopping tour (Callie wants to go to every country in the whole world and buy something to bring back home) It is pretty much my favorite time of the day. It's cool, the day is fresh with the promise of fun. I have time to think, pray and chat with my girl and just be unplugged for a while.

The summer is whipping by a little to fast for me, so I want to lock these little memories away for a rainy day...
Silly little peanut rockin her bike named "fun ride"
The smell of a brand new fence. Whenever we walk by here Callie always stops and takes a big breath and says "Ahhh, fresh wood."
The sight of this boy's big old pumpkin head.
The way the sun shines through the tall trees, so pretty
Little miss, romping through the woods at the park.
Hanging out in the stroller, watching big sister!
I want to burn these little memories in my brain, because I know how fast things are going to go by!

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