Monday, July 7, 2014

Make something Monday: Fail

Last week I vowed to do something amazing with my cool mirror backing. I did do something with it, but it was not amazing it was awful and ugly and I hated it. This time I was thinking to do something that actually had the colors of the dining room in it. I was pretty proud of my inspiration drawing. What could possibly go wrong??

 Everything came together... it was not cute. At least it only took a few hours and I already had all of the materials. So back to the drawing board. sad times.

Because of my failure I worked on other projects that I was pretty sure would be more successful. They were... slightly.

I HATE things being on the refrigerator. It makes my head hurt. I don't know why, I just can't handle a bunch of crap all magnet-ed out there for everyone and their mama to see. Yuck. Callie frequently comes home with "artwork" that must become a part of the fridge landscape and I stick it on the side, where no one can see it. I felt bad, kind of like a terrible parent who was letting her weirdness about clutter get in the way of her sweet little peanut's pride for her art. So I needed another place to display her and some day Kellen's pictures and such.  

I ventured to the garage where I found a few 2x4's. But they were a little too long, so Brien chopped them in half and I had a start. Next, I spray painted the wood white. Boring, I know, but it seems like whenever I try to do anything colorful, it ends up a hot mess. See my above project. 

After the wood started to dry, I was noticing how it looked weird and patchy, huh? It was because the wood was treated with some kind of sealant, so that water couldn't damage it being outside. It actually came out kind of cool and shabby looking, so I left it as is. 

Then I nailed on some bull dog clips (found these at staples for like $2 a pack) with deck nails (It was what I could find on the black hole that is Brien's garage work bench). The nails fit pretty well in the hole of the clips and blended on pretty cool. Only one problem... I couldn't open the clips because the nail held them closed. OH NO!! To remedy this, all I did was loosen the nail a little so that you can still reach the curve of the clip that you push to open it. Whew, side stepped that landmine!

The funky paint job...

To hang them Brien used his stock standard, just bolt them straight to the wall with extra long dry wall screws. Those puppies are going to be there a looooong time!
Already full of art from out edible paint project! Callie can finally have her work on display, I don't have to feel the pain of disorganization Everyone wins!

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