Monday, July 21, 2014

Make something Monday: laundry room edition

One of the things on my to-do list this summer was to get some functional and cute decor going in my laundry room and powder room. I am almost done! Yay! It still needs some finishing touches. I need a cute rug, and I have something that I want to hang in the bathroom, but it is currently taking up residence in my dining room. Oh, the dilemmas of decorating...I kid.

Onto the projects...I have been scoping out ideas on pintrest all summer and came across these beauties...
                                                        Laundry Schedule Laundry Room Decor by DeenasDesign - - $37.00

                                                         KEEP THE CHANGE  Laundry room decor by shoponelove on Etsy. I so need this!!!! Jordon ALWAYS has change in his pocket!

                                                        Lost socks clipboard. Great idea, except ours would need to be MUCH larger.
Enter my brilliant ideas to save money! I made some signs and such!
First, I wanted to make a lost sock sign. Callie is the official sock folder of the Wood family and every week she has a few left overs. She calls them "Bullies", that's what she wanted me to put on the sign. I opted for just "Lost Socks". It came out pretty well!
It was so super easy... I found a big old piece of wood in the garage. It was not in great shape, but I thought it have it a little bit of a rustic touch. Our laundry room is kind of a minty green color, so I thought a nice coral color would look super. I made a wash with a squirt of paint and some water and painted the board.

While it dried I painted the clothes pins, I had some on hand from a project that Callie did a looonnngg time ago. I painted them a random mix of coral and white stripes. Then once the sign was done drying, I free handed the lettering. My lettering never comes out well when I free hand, but this was pretty good, for me, so I left it as is. Once everything was totally done drying I hot glued on my clothes pins and there you have it! Total cost: $1.89 for the paint!

Here it is all hung up! I was so excited when I finished it, I begged the mister to hang them at like 10 pm! The other signs I got at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I love how it all came together and now the laundry room feels finished!

Another project I wanted to make was a mason jar rack to store things in, change from the washer, pens for the calendar and treasures I found in the dryer . I had seen one at Target a few weeks ago for like $30, no thanks, Target. I will make my own.
                                               Diary of a Crafty Lady: Mason Jar Wall Holder
                                                        My inspiration...

This one was a little more complicated and required some man help with measuring! I found an old fence picket that had been left out in the rain at my parents house that was  the perfect length. Then I made another wash using white acrylic paint and water and slathered it on the board.

I used 3 1/2 inch ducting brackets from Home Depot for like a dolla' and a 12 pack of regular sized mason jars at Target for $9 to create my masterpiece.

Brien screwed the ducting rings on and then slipped in the jars, it was pretty easy! Total cost: $12
I love how it came out!!
Okay one last thing... I wanted to have a calendar in the laundry room as well. We always go out through the garage door and grab our coats and such from the "mud room" and I thought it would be nice to have a calendar to check with, since we are always so busy!!!

I don't love how this came out because it's a little small, so it might not be permanent, but it will do for now!
I had an old mirror in the basement, so I popped out the glass and put in piece of cork from a roll I found at Hobby Lobby. Then I glued the glass back into the mirror frame. Here's the problem: The cork is so thin that push pins don't sink in very far  before hitting the glass of the mirrow and papers are not very secure up there. Sad times...
Looks ok, but not super sturdy...
It will have to suffice for now.
Now I can check the laundry room off my summer bucket list, except for a few minor things, it's done!

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