Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Weekend

This last weekend was a little rough. I was single mom'in it (yup, that's a verb) But thankfully, my amazing family were so sweet to put up with us and I pretty much got to spend each day with my parents or sister in law. It was nice to have some adult company and a little assistance when the kids got rowdy.

Thursday after our hiking/shopping adventures, we headed to my parents to carve pumpkins. It was pretty fun! Callie is finally at an age when she can clean out the guts all by herself, so that was awesome to not have to get all gooey and nasty! Kellen was totally freaked out by the goo, but he kept going back for more.
All up in the goo, no big deal!

Kellen kept making this crazy face after he touched the pumpkin lid, he was a mess.

Finally he had enough and decided that sweeping was a better way to spend the evening.

Meanwhile, little miss started drawing on her pumpkin face, which included, boogers and zits. It was pretty gross!

Done sweeping, now back for more pumpkins! He was all about helping now!

Finally finished! And it only took us like 2 hours. One pumpkin. 2 hours. Yikes! I had to wrestle with Kellen to even get this picture and Callie insisted that we be kissing. So this was the only "Good" picture I got. Oy Vay, Making memories, especially with out dad there, is a lot of work!!

Friday was all about surviving the day until trick or treat time! We ran errands, went on a long walk, cleaned, anything to kill time until the kids could put their costumes on. Finally, that magical hour had arrived. We packed up our costumes and accessories and headed back to... you guessed it, My parents house. Then it was night 2 of the wild Wood children getting ready for Halloween. Let me tell y'all, they were so stinkin' cute!

Callie was a witch, but not an ugly witch a beautiful pink, sparkly witch. So pretty, this girl!
Kellen was a monster and his costume was huge and the head would not stay on his head. It was actually pretty funny. When his little hat would slip down over his eyes, he would try to push it up, but the sleeves of his costume were a little long and he couldn't get his hands out to push the hat out of eyes. The struggle was real, that night!

They were so cute together!! Kellen was mesmerized by the swing...

The night started out super nice, but a serious wind kicked up and it was chilly!!
After a few houses in my parents neighborhood and then we headed to Uncle Buck and Aunt Jennifer's house for more treats!
My sister in law, I tell, y'all! She loves fall and Halloween! I need to have her do a guest post! She made homemade pumpkin dog treats, she roasts the seeds from the pumpkins and boils and makes her own pumpkin to use in recipes throughout the year. This girl does it all, when it comes to fall!

Finally we were back in our own neck of the wood's. We roamed around our neighborhood for a little while until the cold wind was just too much. Some of the houses get really into it! We heard the Monster Mash being played like 2 streets away!

The final tally.... Tootsie Rolls won, but Snickers was a close second. Thanks Callie, now I have 5 lbs of candy to try to ignore!

After our trick or treat fiasco, I had a hair appointment the following morning and my mom watched the kiddos. It was such a treat to let my arm rest, drink caramel Macchiatos, get low lights and catch up on the latest gossip. I love a good beauty shop trip. My girl is amazing and does very affordable color, so I can change it pretty much as often as I'd like! I love how it turned out, more pics, coming this week. 

The rest of the day on Saturday, Aunt Jenn and I took the kids to Hobby Lobby to shop for Callie's birthday party coming up this weekend! She is having an art party and I am so excited to see how everything comes out. I have some really fun ideas! More on that later. 

Sunday, looked cold and dreary, but it was actually warm out and we got a lot done. I was able to go big grocery shopping and get out all of the fall/winter clothing. With 2 kids crawling all over everything. I was victorious! 

Even though it was a slightly long weekend, I got so much done, had fun with my babies and I learned that I never ever, ever want to be a single mom ever again, in my life, ever, for more than, like, 2 days. Thank the Lord for Great Husband's and Dad's who help out!  

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