Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to throw a painting party!

Last week Callie turned 8, so to celebrate we did a painting party! She wanted to have it at the Canvas and a Cocktail place, as she found out they have kid's parties. So a few months ago I called and found out that you pretty much have to be a millionaire to have a party there. $400, no thank you. We did it on the cheap and the kids had a blast!

The decorations: Could not be more simple! We got a bunch of different colored streamers from the $tree and put the dads to work! It came out so pretty! Total cost $6.

A banner, balloon and some twirlies in the window from Hobby Lobby, total cost like $30.

The food: Wed did all kinds of fun things! We made paint brushes (Rice Crispy's dipped in candy coating with a Popsicle stick)
Aunt Phanneth made an amazing trail mix with all kinds of colorful treats! (Dang I never got a picture! You will have to send me what you put in it P) Decorate your own sugar cookies and rainbow cupcakes! Everyone was on a sugar high after this!!

I also made some adult treats including Jalapeno Tree green dip and Bacon cheese dip! Yum!

The fun: For these kiddos we had aprons, canvases and supplies from Hobby Lobby to paint some masterpieces!

This was seriously the best thing I have ever done at a party! They were so quiet and so focused for like an hour! 
Their pictures came out so well! We have some artists in this group!
It was great party and I am so thankful for my family and friends for helping everything come together for waaayyyy less than $400!

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