Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mason jars storage

A few months back I bought a bunch of mason jars for my laundry room project. I used 3 and had a bunch left over, so I thought, why not put these to use??
I have this problem...In the morning when I get ready, I have a funky little thing I do with my mascara that involves baby powder and q-tip. Well you see, I keep the q-tips  in the hall closet...
Eww, unsightly, right?
And, I have tip toe out of our room and into the squeaky hall way, open the creaky door and fumble through the darkness to find my treasured q-tips, so as not to wake my children. Mission unsuccessful 80-90% of the time. I thought to myself, silly girl, move them to the bathroom. But, dear friends we have ridiculously limited space in the bathroom, as there is very little storage.
Enter the brilliant and simple idea, mason jars!
Voila! I slapped a chalkboard label on them and stashed them on the counter, out of little hands' reach! Done and done! No more creeping in the hall at the crack of dawn and happy well rested children, a win-win situation, plus they are cute so, win-win-win!

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