Friday, January 30, 2015

Killing time...

This post is brought to you by the letter "B" as in bath time. This boy loves the bath, I can't complain. I know that one day it will be like trying to force a cat in the tub, so I will enjoy his need to be clean for now...

God forbid you should try to get him out, he is busy!

While he plays, I have found some interesting ways to amuse myself...
Sit ups! I am doing a 30 day ab challenge and this is perfect time to get them done on the soft, squishy bathroom rug!
Flossing! Apparently you are supposed to do this everyday, who has time for that? I do, now!
Cleaning! I take a minute and wipe everything down and then I feel like I have done my "mom/wife" job  by keeping the bathroom fresh and tidy!

P.S on a slightly unrelated note, I found out to save cropped photos on my phone. Again, while Kellen was splashing away, I was being productive. It's a real pain in the neck. I have to text message the cropped picture to myself, then resave the new version to my phone camera and now it's finally showing up how I want it. Just in case anyone was wondering!

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