Monday, January 5, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Last week my grandfather passed away. His funeral is tomorrow and I know funerals are supposed to a chance to say goodbye, but I just want to remember.

 He was just an amazing man. I have the best memories of growing up...I loved being with him and he had the BEST stories.  I could listen to them for hours! I have loved looking at pictures the past few days. He was so handsome and my little brother looks so much like him. He had the mischievous glint in his dark brown eyes, that my own sweet boy has as well.
Family was his passion and he did exhaustive research on our family and roots. It is fascinating the things he found. He was a hard worker and could fix just about anything.

When I was younger he used to make wine, like real wine. He grew his own grapes and had a big fermenter in the basement. I wish now that I would have known more about it. He loved to garden and make things and he made the BEST, bologna, onion and tomato sandwiches, He loved bright pink. He was always making something creative. A few years ago he started making his own salt. Yes, salt. He couldn't tell how much he was putting on his food so he found a way to dye it blue so he could see it on his food. He was hilarious. He loved the grandkids and the great-grandkids! Callie loved to snuggle with him and Kellen was always very interested in what great grandpa was up to.
I will miss his silly jokes and crazy emails. I will miss the way he hugged and smelled. I will miss the way he combed his hair. The way he tickled everyone's ears and tested how soft they were. I could go on forever....
Thank you for the legacy grandpa!

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