Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pinned it and did it: Valentines day Flowers!

Yesterday we had a much needed day off for MLK, it so nice to be home with the kids, but these random days off are killing my routine! And tomorrow I have off again for Kellen's shots (such a treat, poor baby!)Hopefully some day soon we will get back in the swing of things! After visiting my grandma and having a leisurely morning we headed home and while Kellen slept, Callie and I tackled some crafty things we have been wanting to finish. I finished her jewelry box, (more about that later) and we made some Valentines day decor! I saw this pin awhile back and thought it would be easy and fun to do!

Here's what you need:
* A bunch of fake flowers! I got mine at the Dollar Tree. I ended up getting 12 little bouquets of ROSE BUDS. I used about 25-30 flowers per topiary. I am sure that if you wanted to do a bigger one you could use bigger flowers and that would be fine....
*A candle stick, I had two since I wanted a pair.
*Strofoam floral balls (2 medium sized)
*Hot glue
*pliers that cut or tin wire snippers

First glue the styrofoam to the candlesticks...
Like so... In retrospect I would have tried to find taller candlesticks or something to make the flower ball higher, maybe next year....
Next cut off all of the flowers. I cut off all of the greenery as well and left a little bit of the wire, maybe 1/4 of an inch to stick into the styrofoam.    
Then start poking those flowers in. This was a pro-cess! Spread out the flowers a little to make sure that no green shows through!
After much stabbing of flowers, you will have a nice round topiary! Then I tied a little silver ribbon on the candlesticks, but they are kind of hard to see! They came out pretty cute and are currently taking up residence on the mantle on honor of Valentines day!
Another easy craft to check off the ol' pinterest list!

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