Monday, January 19, 2015

This wild weekend!

This weekend was another busy one! Brien worked on the cars and I kept the kids busy on Saturday. I also (finally) got my hair done. I went a little different...
I did a really dark maroon red under and it came out very cute! I just hope it lasts awhile, my sweet hair girl is going on maternity leave soon, yikes!

Besides crazy hair shenanigans, Kellen has finally decided that his wagon is his favorite place to be:
He grabs his blanket, lovey and a snack and settles in for a long time... I don't know what is so entertaining, but God forbid you should try to get him out!
Now, I HATE winter, but one perk is the most amazing sunsets and sunrises! They have been ridiculously pretty all week. I guess if everything on the ground is brown and gross as least the sky is something to look at!
Sunday, after church we headed down to the stock show. You really haven't lived until you have been to the stock show. The kids loved it! But, this year left something to be desired... Let's start with parking, $20, admission $50, food and snacks $40. Brien said next year we are going out for a steak dinner, ordering "stock show" dip online and are going to find a friend to rent a cow from and we still pay less than we did this year.

On the plus side Kellen loved the cows and chicken and especially loved communicating with them. I think he may be a cow whisperer or just a farmer.

Callie on the other hand, was horrified of the though of milking a fake cow. To be honest it was pretty gross and who milks cows by hand any more??

Our favorite part of the stock show (which we could do for free) is walking on the catwalk over the stock yards and getting to see all of the animals.

On the way down, a big old cow came right up to her and she got to touch it.(Take that $5 petting zoo!)
After our stock show fiasco, we went home to make Sunday family dinner and Kellen sliced his finger open on a can. He gushed blood for hours. Our kitchen seriously, looked like the scene of a murder. He is fine now, but the carnage was stressful. Thanks again, Jenn for doing the dishes, you made my life!

Never a dull moment with these crazies! Today, however we are enjoying a nice day at home. We have a bunch of crafty projects to work on and it is quiet. For now.

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