Friday, March 20, 2015

Favorite things this week

This week has been a little wild with testing and such and now we have finally made it. Just one more day until sweet spring break. It's weird to think that last year we were on the way sunny San Diego for Auntie Mack's wedding. Now that was a GREAT spring break. This year I am really looking forward to doing nothing but relaxing, a much needed house cleaning and catching up on sleep!

Some of my favorite's this week have been...

                                             Kroger Sour Slices
Not the best for you, but they are delicious! Last year my co-teacher found these and we were going through a bag a day, no lie. We finally laid off a little because my grocery store stopped selling them. But, I stopped by some rickety old King Soopers last week to pick up a treat for my kiddos who were testing, and there they were... calling to me. Seriously best thing ever!

                                                 Image result for the maze runner book cover
The Maze Runner. Such a great book. My boys at school told me this was the best book ever and they were close. It's very intense and mysterious, plus they are really into dystopian novels right now, and this one does not disappoint. Bonus, I found out it's a whole series. Looks like I have my spring break reading list!

Brien and I needed a new show and we stumbled upon this little gem a few weeks ago. Every night, after we put the kids down we run to the couch and Brien says, "Start the show!" It's a little graphic, very little humor, but so addicting. The episodes are about an hour long and we have been staying up way past our bed time to watch. They always end in a cliff hanger so you HAVE to at least start the next one. However, I think we will need a comedy next.

It's no fun being pasty with the warm weather coming. So in an effort to not blind people, I have started my nightly tanning regimen.  Target brand build a tan, this lotion is great! It give a little color, definitely not orange and it doesn't rub off on the sheets or your clothes. I have been using it for years and it is my go to, plus it's like $6, you can't beat it!

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