Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Break So Far

Well I wouldn't quite call it a break. Although today has been marvelous, but we are off to a good start!
Friday-- We feasted on a pot roast that I had stuck in the crockpot that morning. It was super yummy and easy. See recipe here
Then we played an awesome game of chicken foot...
aanndd I won! I never win, but alas it must have been my night.
Saturday-- While Brien worked on the master bath project, My sister in law, Kellen and I ventured to the habitat for humanity REstore to look for some treasured for our bathroom. It is such a cool place. If you haven't been to one, you should. They have the coolest stuff. I find I do better at places like this, because I have a limited selection it forced me to make a choice. Whereas if I go to Lowes or Home Depot, I am overwhelmed by decisions and I have to go home and think about it and come back. 
I ended up getting a new mirror  for $40 and shades for our new light fixture for $2. I mean let's be real. I would have paid well over $100 for a mirror and those glass shades are like $12 A PIECE! Woohoo for saving!
Don't mind my horribly messy garage...

Since it was such a glorious day the kids played outside for most of it until it was time for family dinner at my parents construction zone...
Callie is OB-sessed with the idea of Brien building her a tree house. We shall see...

Kellen loves his bike. Just sitting on it though, not riding...
Sunday--More trips to the hardware store, but we are in the final stretch! Then Brien's parents came over and his dad helped him almost finish the bathroom. We are so close! More playing outside happened and lots of great family time!
He just saw an airplane! He was so excited, I think he peed his pants screaming about it!
Monday-- Callie played hooky with me and we went to dentist for the first time in forever. Good news we are good brushers so nothing major there. However, Callie has such a small face that they do not know where all her teeth will go, so it might be a turbulent road to straight teeth for this girl. After our crazy long appointment we grabbed some lunch and headed to jumpoline to get some energy out!
Then we headed home and watched Big Hero 6 for the 48th time this week. Then I cleaned out all of our closets that felt good! Much was accomplished!
Tuesday--I am all about relaxing today! I cleaned up the basement a little, went spring thrifty shopping and now I am about to start a little project, that I can't wait to share when the weather warms up!
So far, so good!

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