Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

Sunlight, glorious sunlight! Daylight savings is upon us and it has been weird this year... Let me tell you, even babies know somethin' just isn't right. When we put Kellen down at his regular time of 7 pm he has been very clearly saying "unh uh!" It's too light out. The children at school have been exhausted, the kids in Callie's bible class are VERY concerned with losing an hour of their lives and it just disappears and reappears in October. Good luck explaining that bible class teachers. I found this super HI-larious video last fall and I still love it....

                                                   I laugh every time, cause it's true!

So onto the promised spring clothes!

Floral Tank; Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Nude heels: Target
Purse: Target

Sweater: Target
Scarf: Target
Pants: Loft (thrifted)
Heels: Target

Sweater: Old Navy
Button up: Target
Skirt: Target
Flats: Target

Last week, even though it was CHILLY, I still got in my brights!
Tee: Thrifted
Sweater: Old Navy (super old)
Grey Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Kohls

Cardigan: Very Jane
Tee: Forever 21
Necklace: Very Jane
Pants: Gap, thrifted
D'orsay flats: Ross

And there you have it! Spring forward and get out those clothes that have been hiding since, oh, October, they are ready for the sunlight!

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