Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break is over...

The rest of spring break was slightly productive. I hate that when I have a break, I never get anything done. I wish I could either plan things better or be a better relaxer. The rest of the week consisted of hanging out with Kellen and working on little projects that I wanted to complete.

I had some planter boxes that my mom and I found last year on a walk in her neighborhood, The person who made them had left them out so we rescued them with plans to do something with them. Brien was getting sick of them taking up space in the garage, so I decided to refinish them on Tuesday and now they are ready to be hung up!
They are pretty plain, but the wood is in good shape!
I painted them with a light layer of red enamel spray paint and then immediately brushed them over with an old crusty paint brush that was soaked with water to smooth out the splotchy-ness. In retrospect I probably should have just bought a can of red stain, but this came out pretty well.
Now I am just waiting for Brien to finish trimming the trees to hang them on the back fence! I can't wait to plant some stuff in them when the weather gets nice! Finished product coming some time this spring!

Next, on Wednesday, during what can only be called a spring blizzard, Kellen and I spent the morning at Hobby Lobby shopping, and I FINALLY hung my DIY canvases where I wanted them. I think it came out great! 

The big iron scroll that was here got a new home in the guest bathroom and it fits in just fine!
On Thursday, Kellen and I took coffee to Brien and spent the morning playing on tractors at Grandma's and daddy's office!

Licorice or climbing? Life's decisions...

He was so excited to hit all the buttons!
Friday, the big day had finally arrived... The Fairy Tale Ball at Callie's school. Brien took a half day from work and we had a much needed lunch date and then headed to Callie's school for mini-prom. The whole second grade has been practicing for months and learning dances to perform, they even did a waltz to Moon River. It was seriously so cute!
All dressed up and ready to dance the day away!
Callie and her partner dancing, they were precious!
After the daddy daughter dance... Too much adorable-ness! The Ball was a success!
This weekend has been pretty tame. Brien was on call so we stuck close to home and didn't make an big plans. I am so not ready to go back to school, but such as life... How many more days until summer break??

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