Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring has sprung...

This weekend was ah-mazing! It all started Friday, we had a work day. The best kind of work day when I actually get stuff done. Given, I had to shut my door and hide in my classroom, I still made it happen. I got grades, done. Walls covered for testing, done. 7th grade reading plans and copied made, done. Crap filed and cleaned up, done. Some essays grades, wellll. That's going to come with time I think.

Friday, I got my girl back!! She had spent the week with her grandparents in the mountains skiing, shopping and general merriment. Now she is back to boring old home!

We had such a nice night with her back home. There is just something about being a man down at home. Walking past her dark room at night and going to bed knowing she is not there, seems weird. Not having someone to chat with in the car, kinda lonely.

Anywho, we ordered chinese and watched Big Hero 6, such a great movie!

Saturday, Brien tiled his little hiney off! It looks amazing. Texture check, paint check, shower tiled check, now flooring, vanity toilet and finishing touches. I predict by Easter it will be READY!

The babes and I ran errands, groceries, Target, made some Leprechaun deliciousness. See post from last year... 

Then we had Cousin Carter's 4th birthday. It was fun! Yummy food, cute kiddos and good company!

Next we headed to "Flatville" for a traditional Irish feast. I am talking all out, y'all! We had corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish soda bread. The works! Grandma Denise had everyone decked out in their green and these kids could not have been any cuter! Oh my!
This was a good as it was going to get with 5 kids...

Sunday was church, while Mister finished up the tile. I wrangled children and cleaned the house and yard. How does our house get so dirty and messy and we are only in for like 4 hours a day, not counting sleeping and it is a disaster every weekend!
We had greasy tacos for dinner, I know that doesn't sound super appetizing, but they are delicious! The weather was just perfect, what more could ya ask for?!

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