Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thrifty Finds This Month

This month was a great one! I found lotsa steals on my spring break when I had time to enjoy and shop. Just like the RE-store place when I was looking for accessories for our bathroom (big reveal coming soon, we have just a few more little things to finish up) I do better at thrift stores too, because they have a limited selection. When I go to regular stores I am overwhelmed by choices and I end up leaving with nothing.
Here's what I found...
Gap Tee shirt dress $6.99

Candies lace dress $6.99 --I am thinking this will be my Easter dress

New Bronco shirt for the fall! From Victoria's Secret $2.99

Cute little pocket tank from Old Navy $2.99

I was in need of a new yellow stripy tank after mine got bleach on it last summer. Old Navy $2.99

Gap Tank, new with tags! $2.99

Floral tank, Old Navy $2.99

V-neck  tee, Old Navy $2.99

Work out short, Target $2.99

I am so ready to start running again this summer! Last summer Callie, Kellen and I went for a long walk/run everyday and my I needed some new work out pants!
Nike, $3.99

I have never heard of this brand, but these fit like a charm and they don't move and have to be hiked up every couple of blocks when I run!

New mint and red belts $1.99 each

Gap dress for Callie, she wants to wear this for Easter $3.99

Some new clothes for the Baby Man, he needed some new shorts and swim trunks and I thought this dino tee was super cute!
That's all for the this month. I hope next month's hunt will be as good!

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