Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cool letters project (I don't know what else to call this)

Last week I wanted to have something to do. You know just in case Callie and Kellen decided to take a nap. (They never really did) And in my amazing built-ins wall in my family room, I needed something to fill up a little niche spot. I worked on the other side of the cabinets last year making cool family picture frame things.

Originally, this spot was for our DVD player, Wii and receiver, but those all fit nicely on the other side, so I had an empty space to fill. On my first days off for spring break before the kiddos were out and I was a lone wolf with out my wolf pack, I was browsing Hobby Lobby. When I came across those object letters.

I have seen these framed at craft shows and such and they are pretty pricey!

I also found these super cute little canvases on sale for half price.

 So I decided a modge podge+pictures +canvases=fun decoration for my niche!

It was so super easy. Just slather the picture and canvas with modge podge, smooth out, let it dry and I was done!
My model!

Could not be easier!

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