Monday, June 23, 2014

VBS and make something Monday

 Things have calmed down greatly, thank goodness. VBS went off without a hitch and now it's over and I don't have to drive to Denver 4 times a day and I have my life back a little. It was a blast and I will definitely do it next year but I am thankful that it's done for now!
All of these crazy children had a blast!

Tag with flippers = winning

The decorations this year were AH-mazing!

These girls are precious!
So onto make something Monday! For Callie's craft she wanted to make a t-shirt. It was so super easy and the only thing that we actually needed to buy was a plain white t-shirt. Here are the materials: Fine sandpaper, crayons, a piece of cardboard, paper towel, a t-shirt and an iron.

1. Color your designs on the sandpaper. Make sure that it is super dark and the color is heavy and thick.
2. Heat the iron to the cotton setting. Make sure that you don't use steam! Then put the sandpaper drawing side down on the t-shirt where you want the pattern to go.
Put a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt so that the wax doesn't leak through to the back of the shirt. Then use a sheet of paper towel and press the iron down on the picture.
3. Leave the iron in one place allowing the crayons to melt into the fabric of the shirt. Then pick up the iron and press to the next section of the sandpaper. I had to move Callie's like 3 times to make sure the crayon transferred. I let the iron do it's think for about a minute and then I carefully peaked under a corner to make sure that it transferred. 

4. Next, turn the shirt inside out and throw it in the dryer on high for about 10 minutes to really set in the crayon. 

It came out super cute!

A new PJ shirt, sign me up!

I have washed and dried it already and it still in perfect shape!

For my grown up craft, I finally put some old fence to good use. I saw this pin on my sister in law's board and I totally stole it. My mother in law supplied the fence and even made sure that it had 13 pickets for the stripes.
It was pretty easy to make. I totally forgot to take pictures along the way, this was a nap time craft and I was in a hurry!
All I did was squirt red, white and blue paint on paper plates. 
Then I filled up a bucket of water. 
I did the blue first and made a square, I splotched blobs of the paint in my square with an old crusty paint brush. Then I used my water to make a wash and fade out the color for a rustic look. 
Then I started on the red splotching blobs and blending it in with water. Last I did the white stripes.
The stars were a little tricky and up close they are not very pretty or starry looking up. I used a stencil and smaller paint brush, but the pickets are slightly curved so the stars came out a little blobby.
I am happy with the overall project, but it is HUGE! I am not sure where to put it, yet. My sister in law said it looks just fine where it is. Who knows where it will end up!

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