Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's cookin' Wednesday (sorry it's Thursday)

This has been another wild week. We are in the throws of Vacation Bible School and my sweet friend Anna and I are directors. I am shocked at how wonderfully smooth everything is going. We have amazing teachers and teen helpers. A lot of prayers and hard work went into this week and it is so cool to see the kids connecting God to their lives in a fun way! More about that later...

Today is also a super special day because 3 years ago, on this very day, the Wood family closed on our house. This time of year always reminds me of the process that we went through to get this place. It also reminds me of the blood, sweat and literally tears that have gone into making this house our forever home. We have accomplished so much and every year I take pictures so that I can remind myself of all that we have done. More about that later as well!

So what's cookin' Wednesday was kind of interesting last week, and this week for the matter, more about that later too!

 Callie decided dunkaroo dip was on the menu. We found the recipe here:

We made the dip using confetti cake mix, vanilla yogurt and and a tub of cool whip. It tasted, not quite like the dunkaroo deliciousness I remember from my childhood, but like cake mix instead. We ate ours with teddy grahams and it made for a pretty good afternoon snack. But, us two girls could not possibly eat an entire box of cake mix, so we covered it in foil and put it in the fridge. The next day, Callie requested the dip for a snack. When we pulled it out of the refrigerator it was like a gooey cakey mess! Gross! We had to throw it away. If you are going to make this treat eat it all at once or don't prepare the entire box!

Now for what we wore...
Maxi Dress: Forever 21
Sandals: Target

I wore this to church on Sunday for Father's day. We had a blast spoiling Brien, Callie picked him out a really cool fire pit and we are waiting to finish up the yard and install it. 

We ate lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant and spent the afternoon on the patio relaxing.

Skirt: Target thrifted
T-shirt: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
I wore this cute skirt running errands last week, probably frantically shopping for supplies for this week!
Remember this dress?? The top was fitting pretty weird  and looked awful, so I cut it off and now its my new cute palm leave skirt!

Top: Very Jane
Tank: Target
Cargo pants: Old Navy
Sandals: Target
I wore this last week on Fabulous Friday. We went to Monkey Business. I thought Kellen would LOVE it, but I think he was overwhelmed with all of the noise and children, so I ended up holding him most of the time we were there!
They had fun getting out of the house!
He played on the floor maybe 20 minutes out of 2 hours, it's a good thing he is free!
Tanks: Kohls
Shorts: Old Navy
Flip flops: Target
I wore this the first night of VBS, comfy and cute!

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