Monday, June 9, 2014

Gummy bear Popsicles

This recipe was all Callie. On "what's cookin' Wednesday" we needed something to make, it was also Callie's first official day of summer vacation. After a long walk around the neighborhood, planting flowers and doing some Father's day errands we were ready for a cool treat. Enter the gummy bear Popsicle.

You need :
*Popsicle molds (ours were from the $ Tree last summer)
*a bag of gummy bears

1. First we dumped in the bears. We could fit about 8 in comfortably.
2. Next top with Sprite. I left just enough for the stick from the holders to have something to freeze to .If I remember anything about freezing pop it's that it expands and or explodes!

3. Then we put them on a plate in the freezer. We put them in our garage freezer just in case they made a mess.

Callie totally forgot about them until the next day. So the finished product...
4. Freeze over night in a super cold freezer. Then run the plastic holder part under warm water. 
5. The Popsicles slid right out and then the "stick" that's supposed to hold them on slipped right off. 
Thankfully Callie had some craft sticks in her art box so we jammed those into the popsicles.
.Apparently they are deliciouso! Sprite a gummy bears are not really my thing. But they sure are kid

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