Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

I have the sweetest little girl! She is always finding ways to help others. At home she has dazzled us with her patience and love for Kellen, even when he cries and pulls her hair. There is just something about the way she looks at him that makes so proud of the girl she has become!

When we go for walks she says hi to everyone we pass and tells them have a great day, she is always concerned when someone is upset about something and she is so quick to offer a prayer on someone's behalf.

A few weeks ago for thoughtful Thursday, Callie wanted to do something special for the mailman. My dad, her papa John, is a mailman and he is full of stories of kiddos bringing him lemonade on a hot day or a cookie for a snack. So Callie rummaged through the pantry and made a trail mix and wrote the sweetest note for our mailman and left it in the box for him to find.
Her note says " Dear My Mailman,
I know you have an exhausting job. I know because my papa is a mailman. 
Best wishes, 
PS- Do you know John Wathen? He is my papa.

Yesterday we did thoughtful Tuesday...Because we were crazy with VBS stuff and we didn't get to do something nice for someone on Thursday, we made it up for it. Callie saw this on pinterest where a family put together bags of change and taped them to vending machines at the local hospital. She loved this! The only thing was, that we didn't get to see peoples reaction to her nice deed. 

So that morning she took all of the quarters out of her piggy bank and put them the plastic bags with little notes that said things like: " Enjoy something from the snack shack" Or " free money, God loves you"
Then we loaded up and went the closest hospital. I have only been to this one once when my grandpa had a heart thing a few years ago, so I was not super familiar with the hospital. We wandered around looking for vending machine and couldn't find one, we found the cafeteria and coffee cart, but no vending machines. So we hopped on the elevator with a nice doctor and he asked us who we were visiting. Callie said we were looking for the waiting room to do nice things for people. He explained the layout of the hospital and said good luck and I felt way less creepy. So we stopped at every vending machine we could find and left our money bags. Callie loved it!
Changing the world with a bag of chips!

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