Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kellen is 9 months old!

Well buddy, we have known you for longer than we haven't now! It is has been a treat to spend the past few weeks home with you all day. You are such a sweet and joyful baby! Let's look at the stats... You are weighing in at 23 lbs, more than half of your 7 year old sister. You are wearing  12-18 months, you are killing me kid! I feel like it's child abuse to try to stuff you into 9-12 and forget about 6-9 months...
You eat all day! Anything you can get your hands on. Puffs, yogurt, veggie things, you are constantly hungry and waiting to be fed. 
We have a sort of routine, you get up anywhere from 7-8, then we go for a walk, you demand your second breakfast. Then we run errands, back for a nap, playtime, lunch, a little cat nap, second lunch, more play time, dinner, playtime, bath and bed!

This month you discovered many things, grass...
Going out to dinner is a fun treat...
You are Jake are BEST FRIENDS! I think he just follows you around in hopes of food or drool, I guess it's his reward for not eating you!

He even lets you use his toys and doesn't try to bite your fingers off!
You are in all out crawl mode! Into everything! You cannot be stopped. You are also starting to pull up on the stairs, your crib and the table. The only problem is, once you are up you have a hard time getting down!
Your new favorite thing is to spit all over yourself and others. If it wasn't so gross, it could be cute!
I had to include this bomber, you have some funny pictures and I used to delete the bad ones, now they CRACK me up!!
Loves:Callie, food, crawling, Jake, spitting, laughing, jogging in the stroller
Not a fan of: naps, the bouncer (you used to love that thing), being alone, 3rd foods (too chunky)
Firsts: Family BBQ, swinging at the park, time at Monkey business, swim of the summer, time pulling up, Father's day, time at the library.

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