Monday, June 16, 2014

Make something Monday: Edible paint

Last week on "Make something Monday" we had a blast! We were waiting for the a/c rebate man to come and we were stuck at home. So we had to keep ourselves busy. Callie decided that she wanted to make edible paint. It was so easy and kept Callie busy for about 2 hours and Kellen busy for about an hour watching.
All you need is:
Cool whip
food coloring
a muffin tin
card stock
First we divided out the cook whip into the muffin tins.

Next we mixed beautiful colors. They came out so pretty! We left a few white for Kellen, but of course, messy boy went straight for the colors!

Then, they just stuck their fingers in and made lovely pictures!

The texture is actually really smooth and nice and you can eat it, so it is pretty brilliant!
The eater!

Messy kiddos!

The serious painter...
Now I have a bunch of pictures to display. I have no idea if they go moldy or anything since it is cool whip. But it has been a week and so far so good! This was a fun project!

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