Thursday, June 12, 2014


Last week for thoughtful Thursday, Callie found this pin and decided to send something sweet to her grandparents.

Originally we thought that posterboard would be big enough, not quite! We needed another 10 inches of paper easily. So, we ventured up to my school, where summer school session is in full swing, to use the butcher paper rolls in the work room. (Gotta love free supplies!) We pulled off a huge strip of paper and rolled it up to take home.

Once we arrived at the casa de Wood, it had started to rain, this was becoming the perfect project for such a rainy day!. We cleared off the the hardwood floor in the family room and got to work!

First, we had to trace those long skinny arms that would be giving the hug!

Then Callie raided her art supplies and decorated her lovely hug. She plastered it with stickers and stamps and a beautiful coloring! She worked on this puppy for hours!

I never got a picture of her finished project, because she got excited when she was done and folded it up to mail it to them, but you get the idea!
Callie's grandparents have this waiting for them when they get back from a trip. I hope her "Hug" brightens their day!

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