Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What I wore Wednesday and being home

 Yesterday marked 5 years since I have been home from Texas. It is wild and crazy to think that that much time has passed. I was just a single mom, with a 2 year old, living with my parents, jobless and terrified of starting over. God is so amazing.

Summer addition... More casual clothes. I am figuring it out

Date night! Brien went to The Highland Tavern on Friday night. It was on that show "Diners, dives and drive ins". One of the girls I work with said she went there a few times and it was pretty good. It is in the strangest neighborhood. It's what they call "Up and coming".  They have amazing tator tots. (I know what you are thinking) They were delish!
Top:Very jane
White Capri's: Banana republic, thrifted
Silver flip flops: Old Navy

Callie's field day was last Thursday. It was rainy and she was so worried that it would be cancelled. On the way to school she asked me to say a prayer for field day. Everything worked out just fine! It was overcast and a little humid, but not cold. The kids had a blast! I was running the bean bag relay race. So, keeping elementary school children busy for 20 minutes while their teachers talk to their teacher friends, is hard. I know, now why I teach middle school!
T-shirt: ACU campus store
Tank: Walmarts
Work out pants: Nike, thrifted
Tennis shoes: Kohls, old

This is what sweet Callie wore for field day. I love the back of it!

Then Callie said, "Mom let's take a selfie!" Who is this girl?!
 Crazy pants.

This is my random attempt at pattern mixing. eh. I wore this running errands and shopping last week.
Skirt: Target
Sandals: Target

I wore this to church on Sunday. It is was super long! I got it right after I got pregnant and I bought a size larger than I normally get thinking that it would fit over my Kellen tummy and then I could wear it after. It's hard to walk in! I was a single parent on Sunday. Callie was up in Wyoming for a cousins graduation party with Brien's mom. Brien was working hard to put up a new fence and gate that we destroyed with the skid steer incident. During Sunday school my sweet friend and I worked on VBS stuff to get ready. It is sneaking up on me!! During services I had nursery duty. The new youth group intern and some of the middle school girls helped me since Brien was not there. It was actually pretty fun to get to hang out with all the sweet babies for a few hours!
Maxi dress: Very Jane
Necklace: ??
Sandals: Target

I wore this little number yesterday, my first day off with Kellen. It went well. To be honest I was a little nervous to be with him the ENTIRE day. We haven't really done that since he was TINY! I don't know why I was anxious about it. I guess when Callie was little I was super bored following her around the house from room to room and talking baby talk. I almost lost my marbles that summer. But I have to remind myself, that I am older and wiser, I have Callie to help me and I am making a conscious effort to stick to a schedule and not get bored! Plus I have lots of fun projects and recipes on pinterest to try!
T-shirt: Gap, thrifted
Denim capris: Forever 21
Sandals: Target

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